The Inspired Word of God. The Christian faith is based on the Bible. A key doctrine in Christianity is the Inerrancy of Scripture, meaning the Bible in its original, handwritten state is without error. ... By faith in Jesus, believers are saved from God's judgment of sin and its consequence, which is eternal death in hell.

  In the Holy Bible the Christian's, saved by the grace of God, through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ in this world spend eternity in heaven.

Christianity is the true spoken and written religion of the Bible as it was penned down by scribes and spoken by Apostles and men of God.

In our society and cultures all over the world Christian's are persecuted for the following of the scriptures from the Holy Bible.

In reading this brief summary I hope it will encourage and instill a desire to know more about the Christian faith and beliefs as they are intertwined in the Word of God, the Holy Bible.


"The Holy Bible"

The Word of God has been handed down through centuries, it doesn't change.

It is the truth for all mankind.

The Word of God...